• LAMP or WAMP (Apache, PHP, MySQL) environment (see Symfony2)
  • PHP development skills
  • Basic Symfony2 experience recommended

1c.png Installation

Setup runtime environment (see Symfony2) and install Composer.

Then start the command line and navigate to your web root folder.

Type in the following command to install:
php composer.phar create-project -s dev rgies/symfony [my-project-folder]

2c.png Call web interface

Finish the composer install process an setup the application configuration.

Call the gui web interface:
http://localhost/[your website]

!! Please note the gui web interface only works at localhost !!

3c.png Create website

First time you call the web interface it shows the create bundle form.

Create new website by the default website template:


4c.png Login and edit website content

Default login credentials (User: admin / Password: admin)

Please change the admin password at app/config/security.yml.
You can encrypt passwords at the GUI main page in the top right option menue.

Video Tutorials